Co-op for Industry Partners

Co-op is an educational experience which integrates academic and career interests with industry experience. Students convert theory into practice, applying classroom knowledge to work situations, learning information and skills to enhance future coursework.

Cornell Engineering students are self-reliant, ready, confident in their abilities, and eager to learn. Employers who hire Co-ops gain more than outstanding apprentices-they have the opportunity to observe and groom prospective full-time employees.


Student Eligibility

to participate in a co-operative education experience, a student must...

  • be an undergraduate
  • have completed at least two semesters by the start of the work term
  • be affiliated with an engineering major by the start of the work term
  • be in good academic standing with their engineering major and College at start of work term
  • have at least one undergraduate semester remaining following the work experience

Co-operative Education Experience Criteria

the work experience must be:

  • Engineering-related work
  • Paid
  • Full-time (37.5+ hours/week)
  • The duration of a fall or spring semestet
  • Occur during a fall or spring semester

Flight testing radio frequency testing

Hiring Engineering Co-op Students

Cornell Engineering students are seeking opportunities all year-round.

Please contact Julie at or 607-255-3512 for information about hiring Cornell Engineers for co-op/semester internships.

Co-op Recruiting

Fall Co-op recruiting can be for any of the following work terms: Spring, Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, or Fall the following year.

Co-op students work full-time for at least one semester. Co-op students are participating in an Engineering or Computer Science major.

Typical Recruiting Timeline

  • Recruitment may occur year round. Typically students seeking a fall semester experience will be looking in the prior spring semester (Feb-March), and students seeking a spring semester experience will be looking during the prior fall semester (Aug-Nov). However, most students appreciate being able to plan ahead as much as possible.
  • Students interviews may occur on-campus or via telephone or video.

Work Term Options

Students are formally enrolled in the co-op program during a fall or spring semester. However, employers and students may agree to any of the following work arrangements:

  1. Semester Only: the work experience is for the duration of a fall or spring semester only.
  2. Semester with Summer: the work experience is for a semester combined with the summer (Summer/Fall or Spring/Summer).
Photo of Co-op Student on the Job Co-op assignment was probably the single most influential experience during my time at Cornell. Hands down, it was the best decision I've made for my education after deciding to come to Cornell in the first place.

— Anthony Sullivan '12, Materials Science