Engineering Entrepreneurs in Residence

Cornell Engineering’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program partners experienced entrepreneurs with Ph.D. candidates, postdocs, and faculty members interested in exploring the commercialization potential of their technology and Cornell's entrepreneurship landscape.

Supporting Cornell Engineering Ph.D. Candidates, Post-docs, and Faculty

Launched in 2018, the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence program has assisted countless individuals and offers the following types of guidance and support—no matter where you are on your entrepreneurship journey:

  • Assisting Cornell Engineering faculty, Ph.D. candidates, and postdocs in determining if commercialization of their technology is the best path forward and evaluating product market fit for their innovations.
  • Connecting individuals to mentorship, funding opportunities, legal information, entrepreneurship programs, and other commercialization resources in Cornell’s robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Fostering an entrepreneurial community within Cornell Engineering for those interested in exploring, or actively engaged in, commercialization through exclusive events focused on networking and information exchange.

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