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Cornell Earth and Atmospheric Sciences doctoral student Sara Miller fords a stream in Zion National Park.

Is there life in Europa's ocean?

If you were going to look for life elsewhere in our solar system, where would you look? For most of us, this is a purely hypothetical question. But not for Sara Miller. Miller, who is a doctoral... Read more

Cornell CBE doctoral student Luis Nieves-Rosado

Using math to model complex chemical processes

Luis Nieves-Rosado is interested in how things come together. Those things could be colloidal particles in a suspension; block copolymers in the process of self-assembly; or the staff, students, and... Read more

MAE Ph.D. student Xu Liu

Xu Liu is Homeward Bound---for Antarctica

Xu Liu grew up in the city of Qufu, in a coal-mining region of China’s Shandong Province. Her family has worked in the coal industry for three generations. This lifelong relationship with coal has... Read more

two students in a laboratory

Oil recovery nanotech earns Aldakkan accolades

Bashayer Aldakkan, a materials science and engineering Ph.D. student developing nanotechnology for oil recovery applications, was named Young Technical Professional of the Year by ADIPEC. Read more

Cornell Materials Science and Engineering Ph.D. student Rachel Miller

Turning to snakes for bio-inspiration

Rachel Miller is a fast learner. “I did not know that engineering was a degree you could major in until I was a senior in high school,” Miller said. “I knew that a person could study physics or math... Read more