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M.Eng. Career Resources

Get Connected:  CUeLINKS for mentoring, LinkedIn Cornell M.Eng. for networking and Handshake for jobs/internships.

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Looking for career search advice, resume review or a practice interview? Follow the steps below...

M.Eng. Career Services are specifically targeted to Engineering professional graduate students. The M.Eng. Career Advisors work with students to navigate professional development resources, network with alumni and employers and strategize to develop a customized job/internship search plan. Our goal is to empower students to create lifelong career success.

Six steps to your M.Eng. professional development:

  1. Access resources to manage your professional materials and develop your skills with the Canvas Career Development Toolkit.

  2. Schedule a Resume Review, Cover Letter Review or Practice Interview with an M.Eng. Peer Advisor specifically trained to advise M.Eng. students.

  3. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile and send LinkedIn connections to our team.

  4. Create your Handshake Profile to connect with employers - complete the required Campus Recruiting tutorial to participate in employer interviews on campus. Take the CR Tutorial.

  5. Create your CUeLINKS Profile to connect with Cornell alumni.

  6. Schedule an appointment with an M.Eng. Career Advisor to customize your job search strategy, refine your interview skills, or negotiate an offer.

Beware of Job and Internship Scams Aimed at M.Eng. Students

Received a scam internship or job offer? Make sure that you research companies and positions to confirm that they are genuine opportunities. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Know the Signs and be suspicious if a listing contains any of the following:

  • Asks for your bank account number so they can pay you.
  • Asks you to pay money or to give them secure personal information.
  • Asks you to buy equipment or supplies for a virtual job.
  • Links to a generic e-mail address (like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo) not corporate or academic e-mail.)
  • Requires no interview or previous experience.
  • Came "out of the blue" to your inbox or phone.
  • Doesn't list a recognizable department, university, website, or company.
  • Sends you a check before you accept an offer or have done any work.

Schedule Appointment

M.Eng. Career Advisors:

Heidi Morton

Heidi Morton, M.Eng. Career Coordinator

In-Person Appointments - Mon, Wed–Fri. in 201 Carpenter Hall
Tuesday - Zoom Only

Craig Jones

Craig Jones, M.Eng. Career Advisor
Case Interview Specialist / Remote Only

Jen Micale

Jen Micale, Director
In-Person Appointments - Mon-Wed and Fri. in 201 Carpenter Hall - Thursday - Zoom Only

Reserve a Quiet Space/Room

The Engineering Career Center has 4 rooms for use when classes are in session (unavailable for breaks or between semesters). These rooms are available from 10:00pm - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. Reserve a Quiet Space/Room.

Questions about these spaces should be directed to eng-recruiting@cornell.edu. During breaks, spaces may be available through other career centers or the Cornell University Library.

Cornell Tech students: please visit the Career Management website.