Engineering College Council (ECC)

The Engineering College Council was created as an advisory board to the dean in the 1940s, during the administration of Solomon Cady Hollister. It was one of the first - perhaps the very first - of the college advisory councils at Cornell.

For some years, the president of the university served as chairman of the council. Through 1948-49, this was Edmund Ezra Day. The acting president, Cornelius W. deKiewiet, served for two years, and then President Deane Malott was chairman through 1955-56. Since then, the membership of the council has included people from industry and academia, both alumni and non-alumni. Their function was and is to advise the college administration on long-range planning and development in all aspects of the program, notably instruction, research, and, increasingly, cooperative ventures with industry.

ECC Members

Lynden A. Archer

(Ex Officio Member of the Council)

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

John V. Balen

(Cornell B.S. ’82 EE, MBA ’86)

Canaan Partners

Menlo Park, CA

Frank DeCosta

(Cornell B.S. ’85 EE, M.Eng. ’86 EE)

Finnegan, LLP

Washington, DC

Erin Fischell

(Cornell B.S. ’10 ME)

Acbotics Research, LLC

East Falmouth, MA

Ken Goldman

(Cornell B.S. ’71 EE)


Menlo Park, CA

Paul Hayre

(Cornell B.S.’91 EE)

Brixton Biosciences, Sano Diagnostics

Wellesley, MA

Debra Kemper

(Cornell B.S. ’88 CEE)

Golden Seeds Venture Fund

Boston, MA

Soojin Kim

(Cornell B.S. ’88 ChE)

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co.

Pyeongtaek-si, SK

William R. LaFontaine, Jr.

(Cornell M.S. ’88, Ph.D. ’90 MSE)

International Business Machines

Yorktown Heights, NY

Kapil Mathur

(Cornell M.Eng. ’87, Ph.D. ’88 ME)

Cubist Systematic Strategies

New York, NY

Avinash Mehrotra

(Cornell B.S. ’91 EE)

Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC

New York, NY

Douglas Merrill

(Cornell B.S. ’89 AEP, M.Eng. ’91 AEP, MBA ’91)


Shelburne, VT

Andreas Mustad

(Cornell B.S. ’94 CEE)

Nexwell Holdings

Coral Gables, FL

Christine Ortiz

(Cornell M.S. ’95, Ph.D. ’97 MSE)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Wakefield, MA

Raj Patel

(Cornell B.S. ORIE ’93)

Farallon Capital Management

San Francisco, CA

David Perez

(Cornell, M.Eng. ’91)

Avance Investment Management, LLC

New York, NY

Marlene Quijano

(Cornell B.S. ’85 ChE)

Kraft Foods Group (Retired)

Harrington Park, NJ

Samuel Ramos

(Cornell B.S. ’82 EE)

Global Atlantic Financial Group

New York, NY

Beckie Robertson

(Cornell BS ’82 ChE)

Versant Ventures

San Francisco, CA

Tony Satterthwaite

(Cornell B.S. ’82 CEE)

Cummins, Inc.

Columbus, IN

Linda Schadler

(Cornell B.S. ’85 MSE)

University of Vermont

Burlington, VT

Robert W. Selander

(Cornell B.S. ’72 ORIE)

Mastercard (Retired)

Greenwich, CT

Dmitri Shklovsky

(Cornell B.S. ’98 CS, M.Eng. ’02 ORIE)

GPS Investment Partners

New York, NY

Keith Shoates

(Cornell ’86 ECE ’87 MEng ECE)

Vice President, Office of the CEO, Vista Equity Partners

Austin, TX

Daniel S. Simpkins

(Cornell B.S. ’80 EE, M.Eng ’81)

Domusys, Inc.

Rockville, MD

Rick Tsai

(Cornell Ph.D. ’81 MSE)

MediaTek, Inc.

Taipei, Taiwan

Lisa L. Walker

(Cornell B.S. ChE ’86)

DHR International

Chicago, IL

Craig A. Wheeler

(Cornell ’82 MS, ’84 ChemE)

Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cambridge, MA

Brett Wood

(Cornell B.S. ’85 ME)

Toyota Material Handling

Columbus, IN