Complex Fluids and Polymers

Understanding the structure, rheology, interfacial and transport behaviors of complex fluids and polymers is among the foremost challenges of chemical engineering science.

Research groups focusing on the field of Complex Fluids and Polymers within CBE are working in areas such as polymer rheology, transport in complex fluids, soft matter, interfacial science, and polymer synthesis. The research in these areas contributes greatly to:

  • Energy applications: liquid fuel cells, conducting lubricants, electrolytes for lithium metal batteries, nanoparticle fluids for carbon capture, nanomaterials for biomass conversion.
  • Transport processes in living systems: treatment of brain tumors, artificial trees, bioseparations.
  • Soft matter: colloids and gel arrest, polymer rheology and synthesis.
  • Microfluidics: microscale fuel cells, separation devices, microscale mixing, digital fluidics.
  • Adhesion: liquid bridges and capillary wetting.

Research Area Faculty

The faculty researchers in this area exemplify the collaborative nature of the work done at Cornell Engineering.

Lynden Archer

Lynden A. Archer

James A. Friend Family Distinguished Professor in Engineering
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Olin Hall, Room 348
David Croll Director of the Energy Systems Institute
Kimball Hall, Room 174
photo of Yong L. Joo

Yong L. Joo

BP Amoco/H. Laurance Fuller Professor
Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Olin Hall, Room 340
Associate Dean of Masters of Engineering Programs
College of Engineering
Carpenter Hall, Room 222

Research Groups