Engineering Student Project Teams – Recruiting & Applications

Joining an Engineering Student Project Team offers students the opportunity to become part of a diverse, collaborative, and engaging community of students from across Cornell.

Spring 2022 Recruiting

Most teams recruit new students heavily in the fall semester, but some also recruit new members in the spring semester. Teams follow a common recruiting timeline, outlined below.


Students that decide they would like to join a project team will complete a two-part application process.

Step one: Complete the General Project Team Application

This application is common for all Engineering Student Project Teams and collects basic identifying and demographic information. Applicants select which team(s) they are applying to on this general form. This basic information is shared with specific teams once the application period is closed.

Step two: Complete the team-specific application for each team that you are applying to.

Timeline for Spring 2022 Recruiting
DateEvent / Deadline
Jan. 3Recruiting Begins
Team applications will be “open” when recruiting starts. Teams will not review applications before the due date and students will not get an advantage by submitting early. Wednesday, Feb. 2: Applications Due -- See individual team websites (linked below) for application information. Project Teams may begin reviewing applications after this date.
Feb. 2
Applications Due
See individual team websites (linked below) for application information. Project Teams may begin reviewing applications after this date.
Feb. 16
Uniform First Offer Date
This is the earliest that Project Teams can invite new students to join their team. Applicants must be allowed at least 48 hours to respond.
Feb. 25
Project Team Add Deadline
All students participating in project team work for credit must be enrolled by this deadline. Petitions for late adds, after this date, will not be approved.
Team-Specific Applications
Project TeamTeam-Specific ApplicationNotes
AguaClara CornellAguaClara Cornell applicationExplore our website to learn more!
Cornell AppDevCornell AppDev application 
Cornell AutoBoatCornell AutoBoat application 
Cornell Autonomous BicycleCornell Autonomous Bicycle Application 
Cornell Autonomous Sailboat Team (CUSail)CUSail application 
Cornell Cup RoboticsCornell Cup Robotic application 
Cornell Concrete CanoeCornell Concrete Canoe application 
Cornell Data ScienceCornell Data Science application 
Cornell DEBUTCornell DEBUT applicationDEBUT will only be recruiting for our Operations and Economics Analyst positions.
Cornell Design and Tech Initiative (DTI)Cornell Design and Tech Initiative application 
Cornell HyperloopCornell Hyperloop Application 
Cornell Racing (FSAE)Cornell Racing (FSAE) application 
Cornell RocketryCornell Rocketry applicationCRT will only be recruiting for our buisness subteam. We will make this clear on our wesbite.
Cornell University Solar BoatCornell University Solar Boat application 
CU GeoDataCU GeoData applicationCU GeoData will only be recruiting for certain subteams - we will make this clear on our website during the process.
Engineers for a Sustainable World - Cornell (ESW)Engineers for a Sustainable World application 
Engineers Without Borders - Cornell (EWB)Engineers Without Borders - Cornell (EWB) application 


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