Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine

The faculty and students in Cornell biomedical engineering apply engineering principles to design systems that effectively control the spatial and temporal delivery of medicines, to investigate the effects of medicines on cells and tissues, and to evaluate their preclinical and clinical efficacy.

Graduate field faculty

Christopher Alabi, caa238@cornell.edu
Carl Batt, cab10@cornell.edu
C.C. Chu, cc62@cornell.edu
Susan Daniel, sd386@cornell.edu
Matthew DeLisa, md255@cornell.edu
Brian Kirby, bk88@cornell.edu
John Lis, jtl10@cornell.edu
Dan Luo, dl79@cornell.edu
Fredrick Maxfield, frmaxfie@med.cornell.edu
Abraham Stroock, ads10@cornell.edu
Alexander Travis, ajt32@cornell.edu
Uli Wiesner, ubw1@cornell.edu

Research Groups

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