CUES Tutoring

Our tutoring services will be offered in person.

Students must successfully perform in courses beyond the core curriculum to affiliate with and graduate from their intended majors. Therefore, to enhance affiliation and graduation rates, CUES provides underrepresented minority (URM) and first generation college (FGC) students with access to tutors for the gateway courses to engineering majors and for major-level courses.

Request a Tutor

Eligible students can request a tutor for an upper-level engineering course listed below by going to the following website CUES tutor request.


CUES Tutoring resources are funded by an endowment that supports assisting specific populations. Due to these funding restrictions, students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to receive CUES Tutoring:

  • Current undergraduate in Cornell Engineering and a
  • Underrepresented minority (URM) or first-generation college (FGC) student



  • CS 2800 - Discrete Structures
  • CEE 3310 - Fluid Mechanics
  • ECE/ENGRD 2100 - Introduction to Circuits for Electrical and Computer Engineers
  • ECE/ENGRD 2300 - Digital Logic and Computer Organization
  • ENGRD 2190 - Chemical Process Design and Analysis
  • MAE 3230 - Introductory Fluid Mechanics
  • ORIE 3500 - Engineering Probability and Statistics II
  • Other courses may be possible upon request.


  • CHEM 3900 - Honors Physical Chemistry II
  • CHEME 3230 - Fluid Mechanics
  • CS 2800 - Discrete Structures
  • CS 3420/ECE 3140 - Embedded Systems
  • ECE 2200/ENGRD 2220 - Signals and Information
  • Other courses may be possible upon request.