Commencement Info. for M.Eng and Bachelor Degrees

Most commencement questions should be directed to the Cornell University Commencement Office. Review the University Commencement website for more information.

As an Engineering B.S. or M.Eng. candidate here are some steps you should follow prior to your expected graduation date.

Cornell confers degrees three times a year: May, August, and December. Only May and December have commencement ceremonies. If you are expecting to graduate, you should begin planning well in advance. We recommend you:

  • Check with your Undergraduate Major Coordinator or M.Eng. Program Coordinator to ensure you have met all graduation requirements for your intended major and degree.
  • Order a cap and gown at least two months prior to the ceremony. Be sure to check specific deadlines at the University Commencement website.
  • Confirm on Student Center your primary name is correct. That name will be printed exactly as it appears on your diploma. Any changes to your name must be made well in advance of your graduation date. For more information see the University Registrar's diploma page.

Graduation FAQs

When are degrees and certificates awarded?

Degrees are conferred annually in December, May, and August. Every candidate, regardless of their actual graduation date, is invited to participate in the May Commencement Ceremony. The university also holds a smaller December Recognition Ceremony for those graduates who may not return in May.

How do I apply for graduation and where?

The College of Engineering does not require that you complete a graduation application. Each academic department maintains its own graduation requirements. To ensure you have met all graduation requirements, you must meet directly with your department/program coordinator. 

How can I be sure my name will be printed correctly on my diploma?

Your name will be printed exactly as it appears in your official academic records as your primary name. It is your responsibility to verify your primary name in your Student Center account.

How do I change or correct my name?

To change your name before your graduation you must provide documentation of the corrected name to the University Registrar's Office. Review these guidelines, as the requests must be initiated several months prior to graduation.

How do I add an accent or other diacritical marks to my diploma name?

If you are not changing your name, but wish to add a small diacritical mark to your primary name that will be printed on your diploma, you must contact your department coordinator and the Engineering Registrar's Office.  Your requests to modify your name must be submitted in writing at least four weeks prior to your conferral date.  

When will my transcript reflect my final degree? (May/August/December)

Your final degree will be certified and posted to your official transcript approximately two weeks after your official graduation date.

When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to the home address on your Student Center record 3-4 weeks after each conferral date. Be sure to confirm your home address before you leave campus.

How do I order official copies of my final transcript?

The Office of the University Registrar issues all official transcripts

Where do I order my cap and gown?

To participate in May or December ceremonies, you must order a cap and gown. This can be done online through the University Commencement website. 

How many credits do I need to graduate?

Each engineering major determines the number of credits necessary to graduate. The number of credits required for the Bachelor of Science degree varies from major to major. Check with your department or consult the Undergraduate Engineering Handbook for clarification.

If I receive honors, do I need to add regalia to my graduation gown?

No, the College of Engineering does not offer additional gown regalia for students who have attained College Latin or department honors. Your honors will be noted on your transcript as well as your diploma.