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David S. Bindel

Computer Science
Gates Hall, Room 425


David Bindel received a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley in 2006, and was a Courant Instructor of mathematics at NYU from 2006 through 2009. In 2009, he joined the computer science department at Cornell. He received a Sloan Fellowship in 2010, and received the Householder Prize in 2008 for his dissertation. His research interests include numerical linear algebra and computational mechanics, with applications to design of microelectromechanical systems, computer network tomography, and analysis of social networks.

Research Interests

Selected Publications

  •   K. Dong, D. Eriksson, H. Nickisch, D. Bindel, and A. G. Wilson, “Scalable Log Determinants for Gaussian Process Kernel Learning,” in Proceedings of NIPS 2017, 2017.
  •   C. Ponce and D. Bindel, “FLiER: Practical Topology Update Detection Using Sparse PMUs,” IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 32, no. 6, pp. 4222–4232, 2017.
  •   E. Yilmaz and D. Bindel, “Temperature Sensitivity and Shape Optimization of Solid-State Wave Gyroscopes,” IEEE Sensors, vol. 16, no. 6, pp. 6213–6221, 2016.
  •   D. Bindel and A. Hood, “Localization Theorems for Nonlinear Eigenvalues,” SIAM Review, vol. 57, no. 4, pp. 585–607, Dec. 2015.
  •   M. Lee, D. Bindel, and D. Mimno, “Robust Spectral Inference for Joint Stochastic Matrix Factorization,” in Proceedings of NIPS 2015, 2015, pp. 2710–2718.

Selected Awards and Honors

  •  Cornell College of Engineering Research Excellence Award (2018)
  •  ASPLOS Most Influential Paper Award (2018)
  •  SIAG/LA Prize (2015)
  •  Sloan Research Fellowship (2010)
  •  Alston S. Householder Award (2008)


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