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Fundraising Priorities

Microscopes.  3D printers.  Fume hoods.  Lab benches.  Students.  Faculty.  Internships.  

Cornell Engineering is re-imagining an engineering education.  

A gift to one of the top five priorities of Cornell Engineering ensures that we will meet the challenges of today and imagine the challenges of the future.

Capital Facilities

Phase 1 of our plan to renovate and innovate Olin, Hollister, and Weill Halls is ambitious; we aim to raise $150 million in the next three years.  There are numerous opportunities to invest in this plan and support the renovation of classrooms, laboratories, and project spaces, which will benefit students and faculty for years to come. 


Cornell Engineering is currently recruiting nearly a third of our faculty who will be retiring within the next five years. Donor support allows us to be opportunistic to recruit and hire the very best faculty, which will include underrepresented minorities and women. Priorities will be funding endowed professorships along with increased research capacity in areas such as Energy and Bioengineering.

On average, Cornell Engineering has been hiring 13 faculty each year to replace retiring faculty and augment curricular priorities.  Intensive faculty hiring often requires lab renovations, new computer software and hardware, and research funding.  Gifts to support faculty start-up funds, endowed professorships, and professors of practice fund faculty at every level.  Donors who support faculty will have opportunities to learn more about the research and teaching of these faculty and meet them in person whenever possible.

  • An endowed chair (school director) is established with a gift of $5 million.
  • An endowed professorship is established with a gift of $3 million.
  • An endowed professor of practice is established with a gift of $3 million.

Graduate Student Financial Awards  

Cornell Engineering attracts smart graduate students from around the world.  We are focused on offering fellowships to every first-year graduate student, allowing many students to enter Cornell working with many faculty rather than just one or two.  Students have the opportunity to first explore a few fields of study before they choose to work in a particular lab.  We feel strongly that this creates the very best academics and leaders in research possible.

  • A full graduate fellowship is established with a gift of $1.5 million.  
  • An endowed graduate award is established with a minimum gift of $100,000.


Cornell Engineering is well-known for programs in supporting diversity, student project teams, undergraduate research, leadership certificate programs, and entrepreneurship.  Support of an innovation fund allows the dean or director of vital programs to apply funds to where they are needed most urgently and allow leadership to act quickly when new ideas need to start moving.  

  • An endowed named dean or director excellence fund is established with a minimum gift of $100,000.


Cornell Engineering provides more than $28 million in undergraduate scholarships.  Financial aid makes opportunities possible for undergraduate students.  These students can then take advantage of every research project, experiential learning, and leadership training available. Donor support makes a life-changing Cornell Engineering education possible. 

  • An endowed scholarship is established with a minimum gift of $100,000.

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We want to help facilitate your philanthropy and demonstrate the impact you can have at Cornell Engineering. 

Photo of Dean Lance Collins

​On the entire Cornell campus, we are the college undergoing the largest transformation in how we teach and perform our research. Our 1950s building stock can no longer support our needs now and for the future.  It is imperative that we reinvent our labs, spaces and buildings NOW to sustain us in this rapidly changing world. 

— Lance R. Collins, Joseph Silbert Dean of Engineering