Funding and Sources

Standard Award Amounts

Fall or spring semester award

  • Maximum student wages amount: $1,600
  • Maximum expenses amount: $1,000
  • If requesting funds for both wages and expenses, maximum amount: $2,100

Summer award

  • Maximum student wages amount: $4,500
  • Maximum expenses amount: $1,500
  • If requesting funds for both wages and expenses, maximum amount: $5,500

Faculty applicants will be asked to specify their budget requests on the faculty application. 


Students may not receive both academic credit and wages for the same research project in a given term.

Undergraduate research funds are available only for undergraduate students currently enrolled in the College of Engineering and Biological or Environmental Engineering (BEE) majors.

Because Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholars are funded through the Cornell Commitment Office, RCPRS students are ineligible for undergraduate research funding through this program.

Student Project Teams are ineligible for funding through this program.

Students eligible for Federal Work Study (FWS) or for the Foreign Student Employment Program (FSEP) may apply their FWS/FSEP award to their undergraduate research position. Please state your FWS/FSEP eligibility on the student application and work with your faculty mentor to adjust your wages request to reflect the 50% contribution from FWS/FSEP. For example, if you are requesting to earn $1200 in wages for your undergraduate research effort this term, you would request $600 on the ELI application, since the remaining $600 would be covered by your FWS/FSEP supplement. [Note for summer applicants: if you are eligible for FWS/FSEP during the academic year, and you were registered full time in the Spring semester and intend to register full time for the following Fall semester, and you will not be enrolled for six or more summer session credits, then you are eligible to receive a summer FWS/FSEP award, which will cover 50% of your wages during the summer as well.]


Engineering Learning Initiatives Undergraduate Research Program is supported by the College of Engineering and by various corporate and alumni sponsors. Although much of our funding is available for undergraduate students pursuing research projects in engineering without additional specifications, some of our sponsors have targeted their gifts to support students from specific demographic groups within the college or projects within specific areas of inquiry. Below we provide brief descriptions of each of our current funding sources. On the application, you will be asked to select any specialized funding sources for which your project meets the eligibility requirements. Applicants must be enrolled as an undergraduate student in the College of Engineering or a Biological or Environmental Engineering (BEE) major.

  • Air Products
  • Boeing
  • Robert A. Cowie '55 ME
  • Major Ralph Garrick Hay '80 AEP: Supports one or more AEP undergraduates per year
  • Meyer A. Gross '58 Scholar in Undergraduate Research Fund: Supports one or more ORIE undergraduates per year
  • Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Education Alliance with support from the Intel Foundation: Supports projects in areas related to the semiconductor or information and communications technology industries
  • James Moore ’62 EE: Supports open topics in engineering
  • The P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
  • Phillips 66
  • John A. Swanson '61, BME '62, MS ME '63
  • Bill Nye '77 Award in Undergraduate Research