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Vanessa Cabral Martins

Vanessa Cabral Martins, M.Eng. Student

"What I like the most is the opportunity to work on our design project as if we were working in industry . . . to experience how it is going to be when we start working, both technically and collaboratively. Moreover, it has helped me develop my skills and I feel ready and comfortable to enter the workforce." Read more

Jingjie Yeo

Welcome Jingjie Yeo ( 2020 )

Jingjie (J.J.) Yeo has joined the faculty of Cornell’s Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) as an assistant professor. Yeo’s research focuses on interdisciplinary studies of... Read more

Anita Sanchez

Meet Anita Sanchez

Growing up in San Diego, nobody in Anita Sanchez’s immediate family was an engineer. But there is a definite argument to be made that both of her parents were in STEM fields. Her mother is a data... Read more

Robobees, with penny included for scale

Equipping robots to go where humans cannot

The Sibley School's Silvia Ferrari is equipping autonomous robots with an intelligence to go where man or woman may not be able to go—dangerous environments, complex situations under water or in the... Read more

Sochima Bishop

Sochima Bishop, M.Eng. Student

"I really appreciate the breadth of research in the BME department. Last semester I took three great classes: Principles of Drug Delivery (w/ Dr. Putnam), Stem Cell Engineering (w/ Dr. Cosgrove), and Immuno-engineering (w/ Dr. Singh)." Read more