Cornell Engineering likes to feature our new faculty, our incredible students, staff, alumni and teams who do amazing work everyday. Search the spotlights below and find out for yourself.

Professor Kengo Kato

Welcome Kengo Kato ( 2018 )

Kengo Kato has recently joined the faculty of Cornell’s Department of Statistical Science as an associate professor. Kato’s research is in the fields of mathematical statistics, econometrics, and... Read more

Alex Ruyack

Alex Ruyack, ECE PhD. Student

When Alex Ruyack was in high school in the village of Brewster, NY he was involved in an after-school science research group led by his chemistry teacher, Ed Schmidt. “I really liked science and Mr... Read more

Assistant Professor Qi Li

Welcome Qi Li ( 2018 )

Qi Li has joined the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell as an assistant professor. Li is interested in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and hydrologic processes in the built... Read more

Kyle Murray

Ph.D. Spotlight: Kyle Murray

When Kyle Murray was in his first year of undergraduate studies at Montana State University in Bozeman he was majoring in electrical engineering, but was uncertain whether or not it was the right fit... Read more

Papers on plastic

Papers on plastic

After a bit of serendipity, Zoë Lequeux '19 found her place on the Cornell volleyball team and in the Ober Group, helping to engineer more environmentally friendly plastics. Read more

European X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility

Listen in on X-ray laser science

Lois Pollack, director of applied and engineering physics, talks to Stereo Chemistry about conducting research at the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser facility, the world's biggest and brightest X-ray source. Read more

Science Blender Podcast

Science Blender Podcast

We hear about scientific advancements all the time, but science is a process driven by people, and we rarely hear about the stories behind these discoveries. Science Blender brings you those stories. Read more

Hunter Adams

Ph.D. Profile: Hunter Adams

Hunter Adams, fourth year Ph.D. student in mechanical and aerospace engineering at Cornell, really likes hardware. “There is something indisputable about hardware,” says Adams. “You can run... Read more