Cornell Engineering likes to feature our new faculty, our incredible students, staff, alumni and teams who do amazing work everyday. Search the spotlights below and find out for yourself.

Rene Kizilcec has joined the faculty of the Information Science Department at Cornell

Welcome Rene Kizilcec ( 2018 )

While Rene Kizilcec was earning his undergraduate degree in philosophy and economics from University College London (UCL) he made a living creating websites for e-commerce customers. “The more sites I... Read more

Computer Science professor Eshan Chattopadhyay

Welcome Eshan Chattopadhyay ( 2018 )

Eshan Chattopadhyay joined the faculty of Cornell’s Computer Science Department in July 2018. Chattopadhyay received his undergraduate Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from the Indian... Read more

Looking to nature for robot inspiration

The guiding principle of Kirstin Petersen’s Collective Embodied Intelligence Lab at Cornell Engineering is finding ways to create and deploy many simple robots that can accomplish more than one... Read more

Berit Goodge in her lab

Ph.D. Spotlight: Berit Goodge

When Berit Goodge came to Cornell to earn her Ph.D. in the School of Applied and Engineering Physics (AEP), she was simply following the roadmap she’d laid out in 4th grade. “I was a pretty precocious... Read more

James Antaki

Welcome James Antaki ( 2018 )

When James Antaki was 11 years old, his brother brought home an antique radio and promptly put it in the basement of their house. Antaki studied that radio and then vowed he would one day get it to... Read more

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