Sprout Award with illustration of a sprout

In 2022, Cornell Engineering launched the SPROUT Awards program to support recently emerged collaborations. This funding opportunity aims to support teams of investigators with demonstrated collaborative success who are pursuing novel research at the intersection of multiple fields. It is expected that this investment will result in submission of a proposal to an external agency.


Review the full call for 2024 SPROUT proposals.

Additionally, we have launched a new Summer SPROUT program (with a deadline of April 3) offering a limited number of awards that each fund the summer stipend of one graduate student currently supported by a sponsored award. Consistent with the spirit of the standard SPROUT program, the work must be collaborative and closely aligned with one of Cornell Engineering’s priority research directions. One award will be reserved for collaboration between Cornell Engineering and either the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine or Cornell Human Ecology.


Submission form for new and renewal SPROUT proposals (Deadline: April 22, 2024)

Submission form for Summer SPROUT proposals (Deadline: April 3, 2024)

Frequently Asked Questions: 

FAQs were updated March 2024 and only cover standard SPROUT awards. For questions about the new Summer SPROUTs program, please email Amie Prince, chief of staff for Cornell Engineering, at ajp246@cornell.edu.

Can I participate in more than one proposal?

No, each faculty member can only appear on one SPROUT application.

What is the due date?

Proposals are due by April 22, 2024.

Can I submit to this opportunity as well as other internal funding programs (e.g., New Frontiers, FAST)?

Yes, this is encouraged and will not count against you.

Can I apply for a second round of funding if my first sprout proposal was supported?

Yes, please see the submission link and instructions below.

Do all researchers need to be in Cornell Engineering?

Only the lead PI needs to have an appointment in Cornell Engineering.

Can all investigators be from the same department?

Yes, but the case for interdisciplinary work must be strong. All investigators must have Cornell appointments; this is an internal funding opportunity.

How much funding is available?

For this full year cycle, up to $75k is available to teams on the Ithaca campus; up to $85k is available for teams that include other Cornell campuses.

What is the funding period?

For this cycle, the award period runs from July 2024 through June 2025.

How much detail should I provide in the budget?

The submission form has budget categories listed for you to break down the cost. Please pay attention to cost per student as detailed in the funding opportunity.

How do I apply?

Please read the full call for SPROUT proposals for application instructions and submit your proposal via the online form linked to at the top of this page.

More questions?

Please email Amie Prince, chief of staff for Cornell Engineering, at ajp246@cornell.edu.