Sprout Awards

Sprout Award with illustration of a sprout

In 2022, Cornell Engineering launched the Sprout Awards program to support recently emerged collaborations. This funding opportunity aims to support teams of investigators with demonstrated collaborative success who are pursuing novel research at the intersection of multiple fields. It is expected that this investment will result in submission of a proposal to an external agency.

Read: Full call for SPROUT proposals

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all researchers need to be in Cornell Engineering?

Only the lead PI needs to have an appointment in Cornell Engineering.

Can all investigators be from the same department?

Yes, but the case for interdisciplinary work must be strong. All investigators must have Cornell appointments; this is an internal funding opportunity.

Can the funding support two researchers?

Yes, but they must be in different labs.

How much funding is available?

As specified in the announcement, up to $65k is available to teams on the Ithaca campus; up to $75k is available for teams that include other Cornell campuses.

What is the funding period?

For the initial, pilot cycle, the award term will be January 2023 through June 2023. In the subsequent cycle, the award runs from July 2023 through June 2024.

How much detail should I provide in the budget?

We only need to know what categories you will spend in, so you may specify by position type, or materials, or travel, or other categories depending on what is appropriate.

How do I apply?

Please read the full call for SPROUT proposals for application instructions.

More questions?

Please email Lois Pollack at engr-research@cornell.edu.