Project Management

Managing New Business Development

Case study approach introducing the typical fundamental factors driving a business venture, examines how to develop implementation strategies for the venture, and teaches the project management skills necessary to successfully implement the venture.

Getting Design Right: A Systems Approach

This course is a freshman-level exposure to the product design process. The process of getting design right is sometimes called systems engineering. We explain the process using the acronym DMEODVI (Define, Measure, Explore, Optimize, Design, Verify, and Iterate). The process begins with understanding customer requirements and ends with validating the design against those requirements. It can then be iterated to greater levels of design detail. The focus is not on detailed engineering design but rather on the process of ensuring that the detailed design will meet the needs of the customer. Students work through the steps of the process with reference to a particular product design challenge. The course is web-delivered using the Blackboard learning instruction system. Pre-requisites: high school mathematics and science, and familiarity with spreadsheet modeling (e.g., MS Excel).