Entrepreneurship Minor

Engineering Entrepreneurship

a.   Offered by: College of Engineering

b.   Administrative contact: Michele Conrad, MSE Undergraduate Coordinator, 210 Bard Hall.

c.   Oversight Committee: From MAE, ORIE, CEE, ChemE, BEE, ECE, MSE

(The oversight committee will include advisors appointed by the Directors of Undergraduate Studies in each department.  This committee will consider petitions for substitute courses, verify minor completion, etc.)


All undergraduates.  Students pursuing the Independent Major should obtain approval for the proposed minor courses, as they may relate to approved primary and secondary area programs.

Educational Objectives

This minor focuses on giving engineering students the skills necessary to identify and evaluate opportunities and begin new business ventures.  The coursework leads to an understanding and ability in intellectual property, competition, technology assessment, product development, finance, and accounting - the tools necessary to start a high technology business.  


At least six (6) courses (minimum of 18 credits), chosen as follows:

Required Course (1)

I.  ENGRG 2270 Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Engineers.  (This course would be a revised, sophomore-level version of the existing ENGRI 1270)

Additional Courses

II. Engineering Ethics

Choose one from this list:

BEE 4400 Engineering Ethics

INFO 4301 Ethics in New Media, Technology, and Communication

ENGRG 3600 Ethical Issues in Engineering Practice

III. History of Capitalism and Technology

Choose one from this list:

HIST 2500 Technology in Society

HIST 2920 Inventing an Information Society

HIST 3022 Capitalism and American Democracy: 1880-2010

HIST 3411 Engineering in History

IV. Accounting and Finance

ORIE 3150 Financial and Managerial Accounting

V. Ideation and Design Thinking

Choose one from this list:

CHEME 4630 Practice of Chemical Engineering Product Design

MSE 5070 Interdisciplinary Design Concepts 

MAE 4340 Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing

SYSEN 5740 Design Thinking for Complex Systems

VI.   Capstone Entrepreneurship

Choose one from this list

ORIE 4152 Entrepreneurship for Engineers

BEE 4890 Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers


Academic Standards

At least C- in each course in the minor.



1. Experiential Learning – Students are encouraged to consider completing a summer internship or co-op placement with an entrepreneurial or venture capital company.  Please contact the College of Engineering Career Services office, the Red Bear Angel Group, and the Entrepreneurship@Cornell office for assistance in finding such positions.  

2.  Other courses may be approved by petition in advance