Project Team Facilities

World-class fabrication shops, labs, and test sites provide the creative spaces to build, invent, and learn.

Experiential Learning in Cutting-Edge Facilities

Rocketry team
Members of Cornell Rocketry hold up a bare rocket built in the ELL.

With immense support from Cornell and the College of Engineering, project teams have access to cutting-edge facilities across campus and beyond. At the center of project team life is the Experiential Learning Lab (ELL) in Upson Hall on the Engineering Quad. This flexible workspace includes build, meeting, and storage space expressly for the project teams. This includes the GM Automotive Lab, where the Cornell Baja Racing and FSAE Racing teams work their magic. The ELL Composites Lab provides a well-equipped space for teams to work safely with a variety of materials including carbon fiber and fiberglass, metal, paint, enamel, and other chemicals.

Campus Lab Facilities

Emerson Lab.

Emerson Manufacturing Teaching Lab

Located next to the ELL is the Emerson Manufacturing Teaching Lab of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Equipped with standard milling machines, lathes, high-end CNC machines, and a host of support equipment, this machine shop is professionally staffed and provides thorough training to all who use it.

Students in the Rapid Prototyping Lab.

Rapid Prototyping Lab

The Rapid Prototyping Lab (RPL), located adjacent to the ELL and Emerson shop, is a state-of-the-art 3D printing lab. Operated by undergraduate engineering students, the RPL provides a variety of 3D printers, a laser cutter, and a CNC router table.

iGEM member uses the Weill BME lab.

Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering Instructional Teaching Lab

The Meinig School’s instructional teaching wet lab in Weill Hall provides a state-of-the-art laboratory space for the iGEM and DEBUT teams.

Member of ChemE Car working in lab.

Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory

ChemE Car members develop and test the chemical designs that fuel their vehicle in the Unit Operations Lab in Olin Hall, home of the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

AguaClara lab.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Teaching Lab

Members of Agua Clara work in a dedicated portion of CEE’s Environmental Teaching Lab in Hollister Hall.

Members of Concrete Canoe building their craft.

High Voltage Lab

Located just off campus on Mitchell Street is Cornell’s High Voltage Laboratory (HVL). This repurposed facility provides an open high-bay workspace for several teams with large-scale build projects including Concrete Canoe, Solar Boat, and Steel Bridge. The facility also houses a large wind tunnel, operated by the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, that is used by project teams like Cornell Racing and Design, Build, Fly.

Laser cutter in Digital Design and Fabrication Studio.

Digital Design and Fabrication Studio

Project teams are fortunate to have access to the Digital Design and Fabrication Studio in the College of Human Ecology. This robust facility houses a wood shop, electronics studio, assembly studio, paint room, laser studio, and 3D Print studio. Several teams, including Cornell Electric Vehicles and Cornell FSAE Racing, cut their molds here.

Engineers for a Sustainable World in Cascadilla Gorge

Engineering is Gorges!

Engineers for a Sustainable World members test a turbine that collects energy from Cascadilla Gorge, one of the most picturesque areas of the region, to power lighting around the gorge trail.

Cornell Baja Racing Test Track

Watch a Cornell Baja driver maneuver the team vehicle on their custom-built test track, which is as rugged and demanding as the competition course.

Testing on Campus and Beyond

Teagle Pool
CUAUV members test their submarine in Teagle Pool.

On land, under water, and in the sky, project teams continuously test and validate their design and build work. With College and University support and dedicated community partners, students find safe, creative locations to drive, submerge, and fly!

Cornell Baja Racing tests their off-road vehicle on a rugged custom-made track near the library annex. In snow, mud, and dirt, Baja can put their car through the paces before their annual competitions.

Teagle Pool, home of the Big Red swimming and diving teams, is also the test site for the submersibles of CUAUV. Monitored by members of CUAUV that are certified lifeguards, the team uses Teagle to test form, function, and water-tightness throughout the year.
The Engineers for a Sustainable World Biofuels sub-team strives to improve campus and local sustainability through biofuels initiatives and implementation. Their specialized work relies on several additional workspaces on campus, including Professor Tester’s lab in Snee Hall and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ Farm Services garage.
The Merrill Family Sailing Center provides access to one of our greatest local resources–Cayuga Lake. Concrete Canoe, CUSail, and Solar Boat take advantage of lake access to test their builds and hone their skills for competition.
Ithaca is Gorges! Several teams, including Engineers in Action and Engineers for a Sustainable World, conduct training and equipment testing in Cascadilla Gorge, accessible from several locations on and adjacent to campus.

Rocketry team
Cornell Rocketry members test their rocket at the launch site of the Upstate Research Rocketry Group.

Cornell Rocketry partners with the Upstate Research Rocketry Group for test launches and static fire tests.
Cornell Design, Build, Fly maintains a membership with the Ithaca Radio Control Society. The team conducts test flights at the IRCS flying field, located 10 minutes west of Ithaca.
CUAir is fortunate to have access to a private airfield near Ithaca to test and develop their aircraft projects.