Visiting Students

Visiting student status is available for students who are interested in spending a term or a year studying in the College of Engineering at Cornell University. If you are currently enrolled in full-time, undergraduate study and have a strong academic and personal record, you may apply to study as a visiting student.

Applicants for admission as visiting students must complete a transfer/visiting student version of either the Common Application, which can be completed and submitted online. All parts of the visiting student application must be completed by March 15.  

  • All applicants must provide:
    • high school and college transcripts,
    • one letter of academic reference from your home institution in support of your visit to Cornell University,
    • essays requested through the transfer/visiting student online application and the Cornell Supplement.
  • Additional information required for the College of Engineering, including:
    • an interest statement explaining why you want to be a visiting student,
    • syllabi and course descriptions for all courses taken at your home institution.
  • The application must include a list of courses the student wishes to take.
  • Written evidence that the credits earned at Cornell will be accepted toward a degree at the home college.

Once approved for admission, the visiting student must plan his/her studies within these guidelines: 

  • Students must carry at least 12 credit hours of courses each semester and earn a minimum GPA of 2.0. In cases where a course has a limited enrollment, a place in that course cannot be assured.
  • The visiting student status will not exceed two semesters. 

Visiting students may only apply to begin in the fall semester. Application deadline is March 15. Students who wish to continue their study at Cornell during the spring semester must earn a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the fall semester or their spring enrollment at Cornell will be canceled. 

Tuition and fee charges are the same as for regular undergraduate students in the College. There is no financial aid available for visiting students. Visiting students may apply for the university's residential and dining programs. Because the availability of on-campus housing fluctuates from year to year, accepted visiting students should be prepared to obtain off-campus accommodations.