Biomolecular Engineering

The advent of molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, and related technology has spawned a revolution in biology and offers numerous opportunities for new commercial developments.

Many research groups within CBE are pioneering research in areas such as synthetic biology, systems biology, biomedical research and biotechnology, and biochemistry and biophysics of biological systems. Much of the research conducted in these areas has direct applications in:

  • Human disease: design and engineering of therapeutic antibodies and proteins, cell and tissue engineering, delivery of vaccines and therapeutics, discovery of cancer targets, treatment of brain tumors.
  • Fundamental processes of living systems: artificial trees, bioseparations, host pathogen interactions, cellular and subcellular organization, protein biogenesis, regulation and control of biological networks.
  • Biotechnology: Biosensing and bioanalytical devices, protein engineering and cellular factories, body-on-a-chip.

Research Area Faculty

The faculty researchers in this area exemplify the collaborative nature of the work done at Cornell Engineering.

Yi Wang

Yi Wang

Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering
135 Weill Hall
The Faculty Distinguished Professor, Director of MRI Research Institute Radiology
Weill Cornell Medicine

Research Groups