AP and Transfer Credit

Advanced Placement and IB/GCE A-level Exams

Advanced placement (AP) credit is awarded when a student shows competence in a subject by doing well on the official AP exam.  Similarly, students who complete the International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level examinations or the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCE A level) exams may also be eligible to receive credit.

How to post AP credit to your transcript

Arrange for College Board to send your official score reports directly to Cornell University using code 2098.

The Engineering Registrar will review your report and award the appropriate credit based on your scores. Credit will then be added to your official record and transcript. To confirm you have received your AP credit navigate to your Student Center account.

How to have your IB/GCE A-level exam credit posted

Submit your original IB or GCE-A level transcript to our office in 170 Rhodes Hall or by email. Our office will review your original transcript and award the appropriate credit based on your scores.

Test credits not posted?

If you have satisfied the above steps but still do not see your test credits in Student Center, send us an email

Transfer Credit 

Transfer credit may be awarded for courses taken at another accredited institution prior to matriculation Cornell, during summer session, or while a student is on a leave of absence. Transfer courses must be equivalent in content, rigor, and level to courses offered by Cornell University.

All transfer credit is reviewed and approved by the Engineering Advising Office

How to receive transfer credit and apply it toward your degree

Thoroughly review all Transfer Credit Application policies and procedures, and, if you have any questions contact Engineering Advising either by email (adv_engineering@cornell.edu) or by phone (607) 255-7414. 

  • Complete the Transfer Credit Application and submit the form to the Engineering Advising Office.
  • If attempting to transfer credit earned prior to matriculation at Cornell matriculation (i.e. in high school) your transfer credit application must be accompanied by a High School Guidance Counselor Certification Form.
  • Once your transfer credit application has been reviewed and approved please order any applicable official transcripts directly to us from the external institution to the Engineering Registrar’s Office by email (strongly preferred).
    • If this is not possible then we ask that you order a copy to be mailed to: Engineering Registrar, 170 Rhodes Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.
  • The Engineering Registrar’s Office ensures all approved transfer credit is officially noted on your transcript.
  • To verify whether your credit has been posted navigate to the 'Test Credit' tab on your Student Center.


  • A maximum of 18 transfer credits may count towards your engineering degree requirements after matriculation at Cornell; any coursework taken while in high school is included in this 18 credit limit.
  • Approval of credit for a specific course does not constitute a waiver to the 18 credit limit. A waiver may only be requested through the submission of a general petition to the College of Engineering.
  • Transfer credit will only be awarded for courses offered by regionally accredited, degree-granting, post-secondary institutions. MOOCS and other non-degree courses are not eligible for transfer credit.
  • Actual credit applied to Cornell degree requirements will not be greater than the credits earned at the transfer institution, nor will these be greater than the Cornell equivalent course.
  • Transfer credit will not be awarded for cooperative courses taken while in high school, technical skills, or general knowledge acquired through personal experience, employment, or military training.
  • Credit is only awarded for courses in which you have earned of a grade of C or higher though please be aware some schools and departments may stipulate a higher minimum grade.
  • Approved transfer credit grades will appear on your official transcript as "S" (Satisfactory) and are not factored into your cumulative Cornell GPA.