Programs for Working Professionals

Industrial Partnership Program (IPP)

Through our Industrial Partnership Program (IPP), we extend an opportunity for qualified employees of regional industries to earn an M.Eng. degree on a part-time basis while they continue to pursue their careers. Most of those who enroll live and work within a day's drive from Ithaca.

Program Format

The IPP program, like our full-time M.Eng., provides a robust but highly flexible combination of theory and application through coursework and a hands-on design project. You can tailor the program to your own goals and those of your employer. 

To meet your needs as a working professional, Cornell Engineering allows you to take a minimum of two classes per semester (6 credits). It may be possible for you to undertake your design project at your home company, but your work must be jointly supervised by a Cornell faculty mentor and a company supervisor.

Graduation requirements

You must complete a total of 30 credits, including course work and design project. Credits for the design project vary depending on work involved and graduate field.

Time to degree

IPP students usually complete their M.Eng. degree within four semesters. Understanding the pressure on working professionals, however, Cornell University allows you more time if you need it—up to a maximum of seven years to complete your degree.


The IPP tuition per semester is equal to one-half of the M.Eng. tuition for full-time students.


Part-time and full-time M.Eng. students must meet the same admissions requirements. In addition to our admission requirements for full-time students, as an IPP student, you will also need to provide:

  • a completed Industrial Partnership Program (pdf) form
  • a letter from your company sponsor indicating that they agree with your decision to participate in this program
  • a letter of financial support from your company (necessary only if company is financing or partly financing your tuition)

You must complete the online application process through your chosen graduate field.