Admissions for M.Eng. Students

Prepare for leadership roles in industry and expand your Cornell network through a world-class educational experience!

The M.Eng. Degree Value Proposition

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is a professional graduate degree, typically completed in two or three semesters, that can accelerate your career and boost your earning potential. Cornell’s M.Eng. programs feature the most up-to-date topics in engineering coursework as well as:

  • Industry Engagement
  • Hands-on Practical Projects
  • Individually Tailored Curriculum

Who Should Apply

Every M.Eng. program seeks to admit diverse cohorts of students who are prepared to succeed academically, who understand and embrace the mission of the M.Eng. program, and who demonstrate the potential to flourish in a professional work environment through their problem solving, communication, collaboration and teamwork, leadership, maturity and self-awareness, endurance, and resilience.  

Cornell University has a long-standing reputation as a premier global institution of higher learning that embraces Ezra Cornell's founding principle of "…any person…any study."  The diversity we seek in our M.Eng. programs is rooted in bringing different approaches, points of view, skill sets, regional knowledge, understanding of professional work cultures, and lessons learned to our collaborative problem-solving environment.  Where prompted in their application materials, applicants are encouraged to share their unique contributions through their lived experiences and interactions, including successes, failures, conflicts, injustices, and journeys of self-discovery.

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Ask a Student Ambassador

M.Eng. Ambassadors are available to answer non-application questions about why they chose Cornell, what classes they are taking, their M.Eng. project, their job search process, how they like Cornell and Ithaca, and related non-application questions. Admissions-related questions (such as acceptance criteria, application, etc.) should be directed to the appropriate staff of each M.Eng. program. Student Ambassadors are only available for email correspondence between September 1 and May 20 each year.

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