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ECE faculty help launch Center for Evolvable Computing

By: Eric Laine

Electrical and computer engineering faculty from Cornell Engineering hold key positions in the newly announced ACE Center for Evolvable Computing, a Joint University Microelectronics Program 2.0 (JUMP 2.0) initiative sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation. Led by University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the multi-institutional ACE center aims to advance distributed computing technology, from cloud-based datacenters to edge nodes, so it operates with orders of magnitude more energy efficiency than today. Cornell Engineering is also leading a separate JUMP 2.0 center focused on... Read more

Engineers to advance nanomedicine manufacturing using AI

A novel combination of artificial intelligence and production techniques could change the future of nanomedicine, according to Cornell researchers using a new $3 million grant from the National Science Foundation to revolutionize how polymer nanoparticles are manufactured. Read more

Cornell to lead new semiconductor research center

Cornell is leading a new $34 million research center that will accelerate the creation of energy-efficient semiconductor materials and technologies, and develop revolutionary new approaches for microelectronics systems. Read more