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In global south, building sewers may spur health, economy

Cities in the “global south” – densely populated urban areas that are part of low-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America – should phase out pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site methods of human waste management, according to a Cornell researcher. Read more

Still image from Cornell Maker Club video

Video: Cornell Maker Club empowers cross-disciplinary learning

In a new video, members of the Cornell Maker Club describe how having access to a space stocked with state-of-the-art equipment enhances their educational experience in Cornell Engineering. Thanks to Michael Xiao ‘19, Emma Vedock-Gross ‘20 and Akugbe Imudia ‘22 for speaking with us about how they utilize the maker spaces in Phillips Hall. Special thanks to David H. Ahl '60 and the Hui Family whose gifts and support helped create these valuable spaces for students. Read more

Students demonstrate magnetism concepts

Graduate student projects demonstrate magnetism concepts to visiting high-schoolers

The fair was organized by El-Ghazaly along with Kurt Sarsfield, Assistant Director of Cornell’s Science & Technology Entry Program (STEP), a program of the NYS Department of Education designed to promote postsecondary degree programs in scientific, technical, health-related fields, and the licensed professions to middle and high school students. The event, which took place Saturday December 7 in Duffield Hall Atrium, invited curious and eager students to experience magnetism concepts through working magnetics demonstrations built by Cornell graduate students. El-Ghazaly had challenged her... Read more

Astronaut conducts Cornell experiment on space station

Orbiting 250 miles above the Earth on the International Space Station, astronaut and station commander Luca Parmitano on Dec. 10-11 conducted a Cornell-designed experiment that will help validate numerical models used for a number of industrial and geophysical applications. Read more