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Yongjin Cho’s paper is Editor’s Pick in Applied Physics Letters

Yongjin Cho, research associate in electrical and computer engineering, is the lead author of a new paper published by the journal Applied Physics Letters. The paper titled “Molecular beam homoepitaxy on bulk AlN enabled by aluminum-assisted surface cleaning” was selected as an Editor’s Pick. ECE Professors Huili Grace Xing and Debdeep Jena are among the paper’s co-authors. The research examines the effectiveness using aluminum to assist in the cleaning of native surface oxides of bulk AlN. “Native surface oxide of AlN substrate has been a major obstacle to the success of high quality sample... Read more

(Virtual) Things to Do, April 24-May 1, 2020

Virtual events and Cornell resources include selections from the Centrally Isolated Film Festival; a Guy Davis concert rebroadcast on WVBR; a local species survey; a training session for undocumented community allies; and an online version of Cornell Library's Robert Moog exhibition. Read more