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Graphic showing that Cornell's engineering undergraduate population is now 50% female. Engineering's Class of 2022 is 53% female. National average for undergraduate female engineers is 22.9%

In historic shift, women comprise half of engineering undergrads

By: Melanie Lefkowitz

Particular gains have been made in computer science, where female students once comprised a fraction of the department. In 2017-18, women accounted for 38 percent of computer science majors, who come from both the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. Among this year’s incoming engineering class, 55 percent of students indicating an interest in the field are women. Women are not only enrolling in engineering at Cornell, they’re succeeding. In the Class of 2018, men and women had average GPAs of 3.4, and the five-year graduation rate for both female and male...

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