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Prepare the grid now for electric vehicles

Eilyan Bitar, ECE associate professor and David Croll Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellow, has published an op-ed in the Albany Times Union arguing that "the transition to an all-electric car future won't be possible without careful planning and coordination with the power grid and the companies that manage its operation." In response to Volvo and GM's recent announcements to completely phase out all gasoline-powered cars by 2030 and 2035 respectively, he describes some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities that the increased adoption of electric vehicles will present to the power grid... Read more

Cornell ChemE Car Team

Cornell ChemE Car Team wins 2021 AIChE Northeast Regional Competition

ChemE Car Team wins AICHE Northeast Regional competition with two nearly perfect runs! The ChemE Car Competition is a biannual design challenge in which engineering students must design a small car, powered by a novel power source, that is stopped by a separate chemical reaction at a chosen distance from a start point. The car that can consistently get closest to this chosen distance wins! For the 2021 Northeast Regionals, Cornell opted to use "Fully Charged," an acrylic based design with a large motor and internal containment. The power source was a 10-cell, custom designed zinc alkaline... Read more

Sustainability efforts shine with new solar collectors

Sustainability efforts shine with new solar collectors

A new solar collector array atop Guterman Research Center is one of several sustainability projects, from reusable dining serviceware to living laboratory experiments, that are continuing apace despite the many interruptions made by COVID-19 to campus life. Read more