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Picture of Jen Baker

Breaking rules to create new career paths

JEN BAKER '12 MBA '13 M.Eng What do you do if the job you know would be perfect for you simply does not exist? You could take what comes along and daydream about what you would really like to be doing...

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Picture of iPhone

Record a video, win an iPad

Engineering students can Win an iPad 3 Record a short video about your experiences at Cornell and be entered into a drawing for an Apple iPad 3 (WIFI 16G). The college is creating an augmented reality...

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Picture of phone call

Bring It Forward

Speak Out Against Bias and Report It Alan Zehnder, associate dean for diversity and faculty development and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and Sara Xayarath Hernández, director of...

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Ray Li with his innovation to musci

Ray Li and Michael Ndubuisi

Breaking the rules to push the limits of imagination To play music, you need an instrument, right? You can pluck a string or vibrate a reed or strike a surface or force air through an opening. But...

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Jen Weidman in Tanzania

Jen Weidman

Breaking the rules to make life better in Tanzania For many students and parents there are simple “rules for college:” you apply to several schools, you weigh your options, you enroll at the school...

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