Course Enrollment

Please refer to the following information from various common core math, science, and engineering departments regarding the latest updates on course add instructions.


BIOMG 1350 (Cell & Developmental Biology):

  • If BIOMG 1350 fills, continue to check Student Center for open section times.  Many students change their schedules during the Add/Drop period and some will drop BIOMG 1350.  These spots are filled on first-come, first-served basis so it pays to check frequently during that time.
  • If you are enrolled in BIOMG 1350 but would like to switch sections, you must do so through Student Center.  Once the Add/Drop period starts, look in Student Center for an open section that fits into your schedule. Then use the "swap" option in Student Center to change your enrollment without dropping the course.  If you drop the course and someone else takes your place, we will not be able to re-enroll you.  If you have questions please email


CHEM 2090: All seats are currently reserved for Engineering students (all year levels) for Spring 2022. Non-Engineering students will not be able to enroll in CHEM 2090 using Student Center and will need to add their names to the waitlist at If you are an Engineering student and you are unable to enroll in CHEM 2090 lecture or lab, you should also get on the waitlist.  You may indicate multiple lab times (up to three) on your waitlist entry, and are encouraged to do so. Students who add themselves to the waitlist are placed into CHEM 2090 come Add/Drop period, space permitting.

Computer Science

If an Introduction to Computing (CS 111X) is full, continue to monitor Student Center during the pre-enroll or add periods for new openings in classes.  If the course is still full, make a request to enroll manually at It may be possible to add the course manually, using an add/drop slip (available in both the Engineering Registrar and Advising offices).

For complete information on all Computer Science course enrollment rules and options, please visit


If an ENGRI or ENGRD is full, continue to monitor Student Center during the pre-enroll or add periods for new openings in classes.  You may also want to reach out to the engineering department that owns the course to see if there is a wait list that you can add your name to.

First-Year Writing Seminar (FWS)

Only freshmen, sophomores, and first-semester transfer students are eligible to take the FWS.  Students must enroll electronically through Student Center. Neither instructors nor registrars can approve additional enrollment into any FWS. Caps on enrollment cannot be lifted. There are no wait-lists or forms to sign; do not ask an instructor about adding a seminar. Instructors will not allow any student not on the roster to sit in on a FWS.

To find open FWS courses:

• Go to Student Center

• At the search screen, click on “Additional Search Criteria"

• Choose “FWS Session” from the “Session” field. This will show you all open FWS classes (a FWS is open ONLY if it appears in this list. Check frequently, because the list can change).


For complete information on all Math course enrollment rules and options, please visit


Physics class pre-enrollment will be completely online via Student Center. Please visit if you are unable to enroll in a class AND your pre-enrollment window is open. Students may not join the waitlist before their pre-enrollment period has opened. Enrollment requests will be processed only through this waitlist link. All Engineering students on the waitlist for PHYS 1112, 2213, or 2214 will be placed in their required class prior to the start of classes - but potentially not in their requested sections. Inquiries related to enrollment may be submitted to   

New for 2021-2022: The labs for PHYS 1112, 1116, & 2218 have been separated from the lectures. Students enrolling in PHYS 1112 or PHYS 1116 MUST co-enroll in PHYS 1110 (a new lab). Students enrolling in PHYS 2218 MUST co-enroll in PHYS 2210 (another new lab).

New for Spring 2022: The lab requirements for PHYS 2213 & PHYS 2217 have been removed, however, PHYS 1110 is a required corequisite for 2213 & 2217 if 1110 has not already been taken with PHYS 1112 or PHYS 1116.

The Physics Department will assist you if you are unable to resolve a conflict between your Physics course and another required course for your degree; however, if changing your FWS, PE class, or another elective is possible and will resolve the conflict, then you should resolve the conflict on your own rather than seeking an accommodation from Physics. 

The SWAP function works perfectly for Physics classes. If a preferable section becomes open during the add/drop period, you may SWAP classes in Student Center without risk of dropping your current section. You cannot accidentally drop the class using the SWAP function. If you fail to follow the SWAP instructions and accidentally drop the class, you cannot be added back to the class unless you are able to re-enroll through Student Center.