Engineering Communications Program

Whether writing a report, giving a presentation, crafting lab reports, designing graphics, or doing any of a myriad of communication tasks, engineers must constantly think about clarity, efficiency, and elegance in their efforts to reach others. The College of Engineering supports students in preparing for these professional skills by offering communication classes, workshops, and other interactions that support the needs of engineering courses, students, faculty, and staff. 

The most important objective of the Engineering Communications Program (ECP) is to enable undergraduate engineering students to develop strategies for learning to learn how to act effectively and efficiently as communicators.

In cooperation with several departments in the College of Engineering, engineering faculty, various organizations and businesses, even departments outside the college, ECP offers undergraduate students many different options to fulfill the Engineering Communication Requirement  (previously called the "Technical Writing Requirement). Each of these options emphasizes learning to learn how to communicate in a very particular context. For example, ECP offers seminar-style courses entirely dedicated to communications instruction. There are Writing-Intensive courses in which communications instruction is offered in a specific discipline. And by participating in the Writing Intensive Co-op, students receive communications instruction integrated with workplace experience.

Engineering Communications Program Director:  Dr. Rick Evans (

Additional help is provided by the Engineering Communication Program via its help website:  Cornell Help for Engineering Communication (CHEC).