One-Credit Attachment

Occasionally, select faculty members may wish to extend the writing (or other communication activities) done in  their courses so that it will fulfill the Engineering Communication Requirement.  With the approval of the college-level Subcommittee on Engineering Communication, approved COE faculty-sponsored projects may have students co-register in ENGRC 3023.

ENGRC 3023 is a one-credit attachment to an existing engineering course that is not one of the officially designated W-I  or C-I courses in the College of Engineering. It may be taken more than once, with different courses by permission of particular engineering faculty member.

Usually, this process is initiated by an engineering faculty member who has a specific project in mind; that faculty member identifies promising students for their interest. If an agreement is met, students should then make an appointment with the Director of the Engineering Communications Program for a one-on-one consultation on how to proceed, how to fill out the paperwork, and how to document the project. The appointment with the ECP Director should happen within the first two weeks of any given Fall or Spring semester.