Admitted Students

You did it! Applause and accolades are due, as you are set to become a Cornell Engineer! The high caliber of your application secured a place for you at one of the world's most prestigious engineering programs. We truly believe you have the academic talent and personal disposition to thrive at Cornell. We can’t wait to welcome you in person next fall.

While it is difficult to encapsulate the many dimensions of Cornell Engineering, these are the hallmarks at the heart of this remarkable institution:

  • Cornell Engineers are collaborators. Students work together in small groups to solve classroom problem sets. Project team members from across the University collaboratively solve complex problems while gaining real-world engineering experience. And as a world-class research institution, Cornell has the advantage of a richly collaborative learning environment. We help each other and work together to improve the quality of life for people and communities spanning the globe.
  • Innovation drives us forward. By reaching across disciplines, our faculty, students, alumni, and staff are building a community where unexpected integrations of deep expertise point the way toward the solutions of tomorrow. Cornell University is deeply committed to the transfer of knowledge and discoveries, the commercialization of new technology, and economic and environmental sustainability. The cross-fertilization of ideas lead to innovations that save lives, save the planet, and improve life for all living things.  
  • Cornell Engineers are supported. At Cornell Engineering, no student goes it alone. Cornell is a big place, but resources are available at every turn to make college feel smaller and to emphasize community building. Academic support is readily available through faculty advisors, Engineering Advising, Diversity programs in Engineering and Engineering Learning Initiatives. Trained peer tutors and advisors assist with students with academic life, including the transition to life as a Cornellian.
  • We value kindness. It may seem like a small thing, but we look for kindness as a personal attribute as we build our class of incoming students. As a result, we have a student body that is friendly, considerate, and concerned for one another. Kindness is strength.
  • Opportunity knocks at every corner. Whatever your interests—academic, personal, or career, you will find a way to pursue it at Cornell. Undergraduates can participate in novel research, learn experientially through project teams, or study abroad. Engineering Career Services will help you with interview preparation and job/internship placement, so you can make the most of every career opportunity that comes your way. Global corporations and enterprising startups alike come to campus to recruit our extraordinarily talented and well-prepared undergraduate engineers. And through abundant opportunities for cultivating leadership skills, we develop engineering leaders who take on the world's biggest challenges with knowledge, skill, insight and courage.
  • We support entrepreneurship. The College of Engineering has a wide range of courses, events, and experiential learning activities designed to help students begin their journey of business creation and success in any engineering discipline. This includes an entrepreneurship minor, which focuses on giving engineering students the skills necessary to identify and evaluate opportunities and begin new business ventures.

If you have questions, please contact the Engineering Admissions Office by email Our staff can answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate place to get your answers. We will be in touch in January, so be on the look out for emails from us!

If you have applied for financial aid and have submitted all of the required documents, you should receive your package within a week. If you have questions about your financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 607-255-5145 or

Again, we wish you sincere congratulations. Keep up the excellent work! Please remember we do check final grades!

Engineering student Alex '20

Jumping into freshman year seemed like a huge leap into the unknown, but looking back, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I think the most important thing is to concentrate on being willing to talk to and befriend everyone who you meet. Everyone is in the same situation as you and wants to make friends. Everyone belongs: it’s up to you to embrace it!!

— Alex '20