New Students

Welcome first-year and transfer students to Cornell Engineering! We are excited to begin your academic and personal journey with you!

Incoming Transfer Students

Please visit our New Transfer Students page.

Incoming First-Year Students

Several items require your attention in the coming weeks and throughout the rest of the summer. Each will help ensure that you are prepared for your academic transition in the fall.  Additionally, please check your Cornell email weekly throughout the summer, as we will provide critical updates and information to guide your matriculation process.

Math Diagnostic and Student Advising Profile (SAP) Deadline Has Now Passed

The deadline to complete the Math Diagnostic and the Student Advising Profile (SAP) has now passed. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Engineering Advising.

Canvas Learning Modules for first-year students now available!

Canvas is an online learning management system here at Cornell. We have created a “course” called ENG Advising Fall 2020 with information and resources to help you learn about our curriculum requirements and prepare to pre-enroll in fall classes. This is where you will find a series of helpful and informative modules that we will introduce to you throughout the summer. We expect that you will spend some time over the next several weeks exploring and reviewing each module that we release, especially before pre-enroll begins.

Visit Canvas now to review our advising modules:

  1. Please use only Chrome and Firefox browsers;
  2. You should be in the homepage of the course titled ENG Advising Fall 2020 (you do not need to log in with any credentials);
  3. Click on a course module to begin.

Fall Course Pre-Enroll for First-Year Students

The fall course pre-enrollment dates for first-year students are still being determined.

You will be enrolling in many of your courses online via Student Center.  It will be necessary for you to have internet access for a few hours on one day during these dates.  Important information and detailed instructions to guide you through your selection of courses and the pre-enrollment process will be provided to you soon.  If you are eager to know what you may be taking, please review Fall Course Information, Helpful Information, our Canvas modules, and our Course Selection Worksheet for pre-planning.

Check your To Do List for first-year students

Check back for information regarding August Orientation events for first-year and transfer students