Students sitting on wall at Cornell

New Students

Welcome, Class of 2022!


Fall Course Pre-Enrollment is now closed!

Changes to your fall course enrollment (including adding or dropping any course) can be made during add/drop, which begins on August 22nd, after your academic briefing and meeting with your faculty advisor during Orientation.

Your First-Year Writing Seminar assignment will be placed on your schedule by the Registrar's office in the next few weeks (assuming you balloted). If you put your name on the CHEM wait list, you will find out before you arrive whether you have received a seat in the course.

You will meet your faculty advisor on August 20th and weekly throughout the fall semester during your First-Year Engineering Seminar (ENGRG 1050) course in the fall. 

Please remember to:

Check your "To Do List" for new students to make sure you have completed important items.

Review both the University and Engineering schedules for Orientation in August:

  • Cornell University Orientation begins on Friday, August 17
  • Engineering Orientation begins on Saturday, August 18

Students are required to attend both the Engineering Academic Briefing, on Saturday, August 18th at 10:45 a.m. and the First-Year Student Group Meeting with their Faculty Advisor on Monday, August 20th (specific locations and times will be provided in materials distributed during the Engineering Academic Briefing on Saturday).

Fall Course Selection Information remains available for incoming first-year students.

Log-in to Blackboard with your Cornell NetID for details and step-by-step instructions for selecting and pre-enrolling in your fall courses. Students recommend setting aside 60-90 minutes to prepare for course pre-enroll.

Once in Blackboard:

  • Navigate to My Courses
  • Select ENG Advising Fall 2018
  • Click on Course Selection Modules in the left column