New Students

Welcome first-year and transfer students to Cornell Engineering! We are excited to begin your academic and personal journey with you!

Welcome to Cornell Engineering!

Incoming Engineering Transfer Students:

Please visit our webpage for Incoming Transfer Students

*Please note: if you are a student who has been admitted to another college at Cornell and who is interested in learning more about internally transferring to the College of Engineering, please visit our internal transfer website.

Incoming Engineering First-Year Students:

It is your responsibility to visit this website and to check your Cornell email account weekly between now and your arrival in August for continued information, deadlines, and updates from the College of Engineering.

Several items require your attention in the coming weeks and throughout the rest of the summer. Each will help ensure that you are prepared for your academic transition in the fall.  Please read through the following carefully.

Additionally, please check your Cornell email weekly throughout the summer, as we will provide critical updates and information to guide your matriculation process.


Check the Cornell New Student To-Do List

Due Now

Activate NetID, Cornell Email, and Two-Step Login

Your NetID is a unique identifier that provides access to your Cornell email and other non-public Cornell resources and information. You will need access to your Cornell email to continue engaging with Engineering Advising this summer. Your NetID will also be needed for other tasks this summer.

The university will send information via email about activating your NetID after Cornell has received your deposit. If you have not received your NetID by May 12th or have questions about the NetID activation process, please contact the IT Service Desk by calling (607) 255-5500 or by emailing

The Engineering Math Diagnostic and Student Advising Profile (SAP) Deadline Has Passed

The deadline to complete the Engineering Math Diagnostic and the Student Advising Profile (SAP) has now passed. It’s ok if you did not complete these. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Engineering Advising.

Learning Modules in Your Advising Portal Now Available!

Canvas is an online learning management system here at Cornell. We have created an advising portal for you called ENG Advising Fall 2023 with information and resources to help you learn about our curriculum requirements and preparing to pre-enroll in fall classes. This is where you will find a series of helpful and informative modules that we will introduce to you throughout the summer. We expect that you will spend some time over the next several weeks exploring and reviewing each module that we release, especially before pre-enroll begins.

Visit the portal now to review our advising modules:

  1. Using only Chrome and Firefox browsers go to

  2. You should be in the homepage of the course titled ENG Advising Fall 2023 (you do not need to log in with any credentials)

  3. Select the Modules link on the left sidebar to begin

Fall Course Pre-Enroll

Fall Course Pre-Enrollment for Engineering first year students is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 17th at 9am through Thursday, July 20th at 4:30pm.  You have this entire time to pre-enroll and adjust your schedule.

You will be enrolling in your fall courses online via Student Center.  It will be necessary for you to have internet access for a few hours during these dates.  Important information and detailed instructions to guide you through your selection of courses and the pre-enrollment process will be sent to you via our weekly emails and can be found within the Advising Portal.


Meet with an Engineering Advising Professional Staff Academic Advisor

You can make a 30-minute virtual Zoom appointment with an Engineering Advising professional academic advisor.  We do not make same-day appointments. Come prepared with questions!


June - August

Engineering Advising Virtual Drop-In Hours

Drop-ins are for quick, 10-15-minute questions as they relate to the topics of our weekly communications.

Drop-ins are first come, first served. You may have to wait to speak with an advisor if another student is ahead of you. If that is the case, you will be in the Zoom waiting room until an advisor is available. 

Tuesdays (starting June 6), 3pm-4pm

Thursdays (starting June 8), 2pm-3pm

Drop-in Room 1                  Drop-in Room 2

June 7

Summer Webinar #1 (REGISTER HERE, families invited!)
Our first summer webinar will introduce you to the Engineering Advising team and discuss the Cornell Engineering Common Curriculum as you begin to prepare to choose courses for the fall.


Transfer Credit Review

Students who have completed college credit during high school may have STEM courses reviewed this summer to inform their course enrollment decisions. More information will be released about the process in later emails. 

Due July 1

Submit Final High School Grade Report and Official Transcript

Please be sure to have your high school submit a final high school grade report, including a final official transcript, to Cornell via the Common Application or the Universal College Application.  The final grade report and transcript are required parts of the admission process.

July 12

Summer Webinar #2 (REGISTER HERE, families invited!)

Our second summer webinar will detail the pre-enrollment (course registration) process. Students enroll themselves in their courses at Cornell – even in their first year. This session will help you determine which courses are right for you.