various images taken using various biomedical imaging techniques

Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation

The pioneering work determining the biological mechanisms of disease and the lifesaving work of diagnosing and treating medical problems rely on sophisticated imaging techniques developed by engineers.

Research Area Field Faculty

Faculty researchers from Cornell's several campuses contribute to this research area.

BME department faculty

Steven Adie,
James Antaki, 
Jonathan Butcher,
Nate Cira,
Iwijn De Vlamink,
Peter Doerschuk, 
Karl Lewis, 
Nozomi Nishimura,
Chris Schaffer, 
Yi Wang, 
Warren Zipfel,

Graduate field faculty

Daniel Aneshansley,
Susan Daniel, 
David Erickson,
Lara Estroff,
Jack Freed, 
Jesse Goldberg,
Daniel Heller,
Brian Kirby,
Amit Lal,
Manfred Lindau, 
Christiane Linster, 
Frederick Maxfield,
Alyosha Molnar,
Jeffrey Moses,
Susan Pannullo, 
Matthew Paszek,
Lois Pollack,
Anthony Reeves, 
Mert Sabuncu, Alexander Travis,
Melissa Warden,
Alan Weinstein, 
Ulrich Wiesner,
Mingming Wu, 
Chris Xu,
Ramin Zabih,

Research Groups

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