Students gathered in the Engineering quad

Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors are senior, junior, and sophomore engineering students who assist new students with the academic transition from high school to college. As part of their participation in the Engineering Seminar (ENGRG 1050), all first-year students will interact with their Peer Advisors.

Peer Advisor Learning Outcomes

  • Proactively co-plan the first-year Engineering Seminar with a faculty instructor to strategically organize and successfully facilitate the logistics of the 10-week curriculum.
  • Communicate effectively to deliver relevant and engaging information to enhance first-year student personal and academic success.
  • Demonstrate collaboration, decision making, problem solving, and sound judgement skills that enhance their role as a student leader in the College of Engineering.
  • Leverage personal lived experiences to help mentor, build connections with, and provide insight in solidarity with first-year students as they transition to the college and the Cornell community.
  • Positively contribute to an inclusive environment by having an awareness of self and others to constructively communicate across difference.