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From the time students enter the college until they become affiliated with a major, they are under the administration of Engineering Advising.  Engineering Advising provides a variety of professional advising services to help first- and second-year students with academic and personal matters.

Professional Academic Advisor Responsibilities:

  • Supplement advising provided by faculty advisors and departments;

  • Focus on first- and second-year unaffiliated students, with continued access for upper-class students;

  • Focus primarily on issues related to the Engineering Common Curriculum and successfully affiliating with a major;

  • Provide specialty advising for:

    • Liberal Studies

    • study abroad/international experiences;

    • pre-health careers and how to integrate requirements into the curriculum;

    • transferring internally (between colleges) within Cornell or concurrent degrees;

    • student disability services;

    • major exploration including the Independent Major and the affiliation process;

    • voluntary, required, and health leaves of absence;

    • minors, double majors;

    • transfer credit, petitions, curricular substitutions.

  • Coordinate the Early Intervention program; supporting students having academic or personal difficulties and referring students to appropriate campus resources;

  • Provide case management for students who are in need of academic consideration and/or in distress.