Course Description Forms

As explained on our requirements page, the content and rigor of the college-level courses you have taken, or are currently taking, are important to your success as a transfer student. 

Tell us about your college coursework

To help us better understand your completed and in-progress coursework, a required part of our transfer application for Cornell Engineering is a completed course description (CD) form for your major. Please download the form for your major from this page and follow the instructions for completing and submitting your form which can only be done once you have submitted your Common Application. Failure to follow the directions on the course description form may result in your application not being reviewed. Please note that current Cornell students, who wish to internally transfer to the College of Engineering, do not need to submit a course description form. Please read the information online about the internal transfer process.

PRIOR TO SUBMITTING YOUR APPLICATION, PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR THE MOST RECENT COURSE DESCRIPTION FORMS. Transfer course requirements for the 2023-24 admissions cycle will be posted by the end of October 2023. Please check back to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

Download the form for your major

Biological Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Biomedical Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Chemical Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Civil Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Computer Science CD 2022-23 (Word)

Earth & Atmospheric Sciences CD 2022-23 (Word)

Electrical & Computer Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Engineering Physics CD 2022-23 (Word)

Environmental Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Information Science, Systems & Technology CD 2022-23(Word)

Materials Science & Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Mechanical Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Operations Research & Information Engineering CD 2022-23 (Word)

Submit your completed course description form and required syllabi

Please note that you should submit your completed course description form and required syllabi after you have submitted your application to Cornell.

  • Save completed form as a .pdf (preferred) or .doc/.docx file named Last Name, First Name – CD or syllabi
  • Upload to your application using the Cornell Application Status Portal 
    • Once you have submitted your application to Cornell, you will receive access to an application status page within about 24 hours. Using this portal you may upload supplemental material including the course description form and required syllabi.
    • On the right-hand side, using the drop-down menu, select TRCD Course Description for course description form and select TRCS Transfer Course Syllabus when uploading required syllabi.When uploading syllabi, please try to consolidate your required syllabi into one document. Do not embed a link to the syllabi in the course description form—this information is scrubbed when you upload your form.
    • Click Choose File  
    • Follow the instructions to attach your file

All other application materials should be submitted electronically to If you need to mail physical copies, please use the address below:

Transfer Admissions
Cornell University
Application Processing Center
410 Thurston Ave.
Ithaca, NY 14853